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CLOSE UP VIEW 1-TDC Dual Action Periodontal & Joint Health for Dogs and Cats
Special Savings on multiple bottle purchases of 2 or more!
120 quantity soft gels

FREE SHIPPING on any 1-TDC order
Product Description: 1-TDC Dual Action is an Esterified Fatty Acid complex. Derived from natural sources, Esterified Fatty Acids provide Superior response to osteoarthritis symptoms and periodontal inflammation. The Esterified Fatty Acid complex in 1-TDC Dual Action goes to work promoting recovery from inflammation common in joint and muscle conditions as well as periodontal disease: conditions that millions of pets in the US suffer from. In many cases, 1-TDC Dual Action can be the sole remedy for Arthritis and Periodontal inflammation in pets. Given daily (a 120 count bottle provides 4 months protection for large dogs) 1-TDC Dual Action works MUCH more effectively and MUCH more quickly (with results seen in as little as two weeks) than other products (Glucosamine/Chondroitin, DHA, EPA, MSM and other supplements). Safe, natural, effective and inexpensive 1-TDC Dual Action may be used with other products, including products prescribed by your pet's health care professional. I many cases, 1-TDC Dual Action can replace the need for other supplements and often works so well as to remove the need for prescription remedies. And pets love it! 1-TDC Dual Action is manufactured from US sourced natural beef based products under regulated current Good Manufacturing Standards reserved for Pharmaceutical and Bioscience Industries.
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CLOSE UP VIEW 1-TDC Pain Relieving Cream

FREE SHIPPING on any 1-TDC order
Product Description: 1-TDC (1-TetraDecanol Complex) cream is a remarkable advance formula topical pain relieving cream and has been clinically tested to provide more effective joint health and lubrication. This is THE Fatty Acid Breakthrough!
•100% Natural
•True absorption, reaching deep into muscles and joints
•Paraben free
•Clinically tested 
E-mail us at with any questions you might have.
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Back On Track Dog Coats
Small - $79.00
Medium - $89.00
Large - $99.00
Product Description: This very popular equine product is now available for canine!. The Back On Track dog coat incorporates a revolutionary fabric, interwoven with a polypropylene/polyester thread embedded with a fine ceramic powder. Designed to reflect a dog's own body-warmth to create a soothing thermal heat, they can help alleviate the pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, by promoting blood flow to the area. This coat will also keep muscles loose prior to and between competition. For more information, please visit 
E-mail us at with your measurements for correct sizing (distance from the base of skull to start of the tail)
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CLOSE UP VIEW Carpo-flex Sport Wraps
Price: $65/pair
Product Description: Designed by Therapaw, a leader in canine supportive products. These neoprene wraps are designed to provide support during agility training, and protect against injury.

XS - for dogs with up to 4.5" in wrist circumference (Jack Russell, Sheltie)
S - for small to medium dogs with up to 5.5" in wrist circumference (Border Collie)
M - for medium dogs with up to 6.5" in wrist circumference (Doberman, Retrievers)
L - for large dogs with up to 7.5" in wrist circumference (German Shepherd)

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