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We’re Trained, Certified & Experienced Therapists

ACR: Owned and Operated by David & Ria Acciani, MPT, CCRP for 18 years. First Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners in NJ. Official PT’s for Agility AKC, WAO, IFCS & EO World Teams, 2011-2017. Lecturing & Teaching Professionals since 2010. APTA ARSIG Board Members 2017-Present. Teach National Seminars to Sporting Canines on Safely Conditioning and Stretching the Canine Athlete.


Advanced Canine Rehabilitation (ACR) is owned and operated by Ria and David Acciani of New Jersey. This husband and wife team of licensed physical therapists brings more than 30 years experience in human therapy. They’re among the first physical therapists in the area to complete the certification coursework in Canine Rehabilitation offered by the University of Tennessee.

The Accianis’ began practicing first with humans in multiple settings, including, sports orthopedics, pediatrics, sub-acute and vestibular rehab. During this time, one of our two-legged patients asked us “If you do this on me, why not my dog?” This led the Acciani’s to combine their love for dogs, especially for their family Labrador, Roly Poly, and intense interest in the practice of canine therapy, to develop this specialty practice in this region.

While tailored today to dogs, this practice is based on a solid foundation of human physical therapy education and experience. The Accianis’ hold graduate degrees in Physical Therapy & are licensed in the state of NJ. With additional training and certification in canine rehabilitation, they offer a rare combination of therapy for the treatment of both humans and injured pets.

“Healing is a gift supported with love, shared with joy, and nurtured with a consistency of care.”

Ria Acciani, MPT, CCRP
David Acciani, PT, CCRP