About Us

We’re Trained, Experienced Therapists


Advanced Canine Rehabilitation (ACR) is owned and operated by Ria and David Acciani of New Jersey. This husband and wife team of licensed physical therapists brings more than 20 years experience in human therapy. Today, they’re among the first physical therapists in the area to complete the certification coursework in Canine Rehabilitation offered by the University of Tennessee.

The Accianis’ commitment to animal care – combined with their love for the family Labrador, Roly Poly, and intense interest in the new practice of canine therapy – led them to develop this specialty practice in this region now populate by families with well-loved dogs.

While tailored today to dogs, this practice is based on a solid foundation of human physical therapy education and experience. The Accianis’ hold graduate degrees in Physical Therapy – the evaluation and treatment of human musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. With additional training and certification in canine rehabilitation, they offer a rare combination of therapy for the treatment of both humans and injured pets.

“Healing is a gift supported with love, shared with joy, and nurtured with a consistency of care.”
It is one of life’s missions, say the Accianis.

Ria Acciani, MPT
David Acciani, PT