Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Center (ACR) wants to help you build the right conditioning schedule for your dog, based on their age and current level of conditioning. We believe proper conditioning for sporting dogs will help avoid overload and stress while increasing strength and flexibility. Our resources will enable you to optimize performance on the field and prevent injuries.

Conditioning for the Sporting Canine

Conditioning for the Sporting Canine covers everything you need to know about the basics of making a comprehensive conditioning program through lecture and lab demonstration. 

Conditioning results in increased strength and overall health by following a regular exercise program.

Proper conditioning helps to optimize performance on the field and helps to prevent injuries.

In this self-paced online program, you will learn how to effectively and safely condition your Canine for your specific sport, to achieve peak performance.

Included are detailed “how to” videos for these Six Essential Exercises to strengthen their core muscles:

  1. Sit Extension
  2. Standing Rhythmic Stabilization
  3. Single-Leg Lift
  4. Plank and Pre-Push Up
  5. Sit to Stand
  6. Side-Stepping

Plus suggestions for how to progress your dog from Level 1 to Level 2, and from Level 2 to Level 3 so that your canine reaches its optimal fitness level.

Tips and Updates from ACR

Iliopsoas Sunday with Ria Acciani

Did you miss our Iliopsoas Sunday Facebook Live hosted by Elicia Calhoun? Watch the recording below to learn some warm-up exercises for the Iliopsoas plus a few strength exercises for your dog!

Y2K9 Seminar on 3/17/18

I will be presenting this weekend 3/17/18 at Y2K9 and their are some auditor spots available if you are interested e-mail: for details!! It will be an awesome comprehensive course covering everything you want to know about getting and keeping your...

Seminar Services Available

We provide instructional seminars for handlers and their dogs on a variety of topics such as "Canine Stretching" and "Strength and Conditioning". Contact us if you're interested in booking an event for your club.


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