An Array of Services for Your Dog

When you use Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Services, we’ll help you choose from a selection of physical therapy services. These may help ease your dog’s pain, speed its recovery or build its strength and function. We’ll teach you to care for your dog when it returns home- or design a personal plan to continue rehabilitation at home.

Rehabilitation Evaluation
Therapeutic Exercises
Balance Therapy
Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Cold Laser Therapy
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Magnetic Pain Relief Therapy (PEMF)
Manual Therapy
Microcurrent Electrical Stimulation
Brace and Cart Fitting
Shockwave Therapy/ Acoustic Wave Therapy
Puppy Structure and Orthopedic Evaluation
Sports Medicine and Conditioning Evaluation 
Home Exercise Program/Fitness Training


Performance/Sporting Evaluations and Rehabilitation
Sporting athletes that participate in activities such as agility and flyball, undergo extreme stresses on their muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. This makes them much more susceptible to injury. We provide these athletes with individualized treatment and exercise programs required to maximize and maintain a high level of performance. We treat many canine athletes that compete on a local and national level, as well as those that participate on the World Agility Team for the United States.
We provide the same level of care for these athletes as we do for you pet.

Short or Long term Boarding and Care Available
Whether your dog has just undergone surgery or suffered an injury that requires more time and rehabilitation than you are able to provide, we offer a specialized boarding and rehabilitation program.
We are able to provide the essential care required during their initial recovery, and provide therapy services throughout the day.

Supportive Products
A full array of specialty beds, carts, harnesses, slings, and vests.
Custom made splints, wraps and boots are available for the pet that needs a little extra assistance during recovery.