Maureen McEntee & ‘Summer’

My older lab girl suffers bad knees and arthritis at almost 13 years old. Her vision is deteriorating from PRA. She instantly was interested in the smell of the 1-TDC and got in line for hers… how could I not. She has always had allergies and chronic ear infections even with diligently wiping them out. They always appeared inflamed and red. She would always paw at them and shake her head a lot. After 2 months on 1-TDC I have noticed this is not happening anymore. Her ears are a beautiful pale pink and clean underneath those lab earflaps! While I have not noticed a huge difference with her joints, I believe her vision loss has a lot to do with her slowed, cautious pace, where steps are more fearful than painful. Hey if the anti-inflammatory effect of the 1-TDC is helping keep her comfortable – EENT (eyes, ears, nose and teeth!)… could this really be? A hidden benefit? Then we are sticking with it for Summer too!