Michelle and “NV”

On March 1, 2013 NV was diagnosed with Auto-immune
Hemolytic Anemia. NV was my breed dog that was being specialed. He was
out on the show circuit almost every weekend. I was devastated as most
dogs do not recover from this. I worked very hard with the vets but I
could not get the muscles back that NV had lost in his back legs. I
started taking NV to see Ria. NV was taking a pain meds am and pm. In
January 2014, Ria told me about 1-TDC! I said I’ll try it and Ria sent
me the first bottle (from ACR). Within 5 weeks NV was no longer on ANY
pain meds. NVs muscles are getting stronger – I believe it’s from the
combination of 1-TDC and exercises from Ria. NV will be 8 years old in

Since NV was doing so well on the 1-TDC supplement, I started my 9 year
old Siberian Husky Bristol. Bristol is my agility dog and sees David
(ACR) monthly. I believe the supplement has helped with a faster
recovery from weekly trials. Thus, allowing for more training. Bristol
was in the 20″ finals at Westminster finishing third. Bristol also was
in the 20″ finals at the NAC in Harrisburg. Bristol’s registered name is:
MACH4 Kunuk’s Arctic Snow Blossom CD, RE, MXS2, MJB2, XF, T2B, CGC

Thank you for a great supplement!