At seven years old agility is still Whimzy’s favorite form exercise. Unfortunately, just doing agility doesn’t cut it for a high performance athlete! Ria Acciani helped us create a fitness plan to keep Whimzy healthy. The plan focused on Whimzy’s weaknesses with fun exercises for her and information for me on how to build up her muscles. We are four months into working with Ria — Whimzy’s stronger than ever and I am happier knowing that I’m taking the best care of my teammate.

Thanks again for everything,

Kathleen Oswald


Hi Olivier

Here is NVs story. On March 1, 2013 NV was diagnosed with Auto-immune
Hemolytic Anemia. NV was my breed dog that was being specialed. He was
out on the show circuit almost every weekend. I was devastated as most
dogs do not recover from this. I worked very hard with the vets but I
could not get the muscles back that NV had lost in his back legs. I
started taking NV to see Ria. NV was taking a pain meds am and pm. In
January 2014, Ria told me about 1-TDC! I said I’ll try it and Ria sent
me the first bottle (from ACR). Within 5 weeks NV was no longer on ANY
pain meds. NVs muscles are getting stronger – I believe it’s from the
combination of 1-TDC and exercises from Ria. NV will be 8 years old in

Since NV was doing so well on the 1-TDC supplement, I started my 9 year
old Siberian Husky Bristol. Bristol is my agility dog and sees David
(ACR) monthly. I believe the supplement has helped with a faster
recovery from weekly trials. Thus, allowing for more training. Bristol
was in the 20″ finals at Westminster finishing third. Bristol also was
in the 20″ finals at the NAC in Harrisburg. Bristol’s registered name is:
MACH4 Kunuk’s Arctic Snow Blossom CD, RE, MXS2, MJB2, XF, T2B, CGC

Thank you for a great supplement!



I have had the amazing opportunity over the past 13 years to have 4 of my dogs receive the very best care in the hands of Ria and David Acciani of Advanced Canine Rehabilitation. All of my dogs have been engaged in and continue to be involved in a variety of dog sports that require my canine partner to be in top shape to avoid injury.
Time and time again the team at ACR has continued to promote wellness for my dogs.

Effective early evaluation of potential physical issues, treatment of any limitations and guidance in home exercises is just part of what they do. They incorporate the latest treatment modalities available and share what they know.

Each of my dogs has been unique in what they needed. The skill to look at each dog with a balanced approach, taking into account their specific structural needs and designing a treatment plan is what these folks excel at.

I have the utmost respect and trust in Ria and David. Thank You for what you do.

Kim Secter
Piper and young Ripley
Maverick and Ranger from the Bridge


Ria and David have been working on my 3 border collies for the last 10+ years.  They have been an integral part in my dogs’ recoveries from multiple injuries including a chronic iliopsoas strain, medial shoulder syndrome, and multiple sprained wrists.  Most recently, their use of shockwave therapy has made huge improvements in my 10 year old border collie with arthritis in her back.  David and Ria’s background in physical therapy and years of experience with dogs has made them well versed in canine anatomy, incredible at lameness assessment, and their manual therapy techniques set them apart from others in their field.  I can’t thank them enough for their help in keeping my dogs fit and healthy!

Lauren Blackson, DVM, CCRP